Staff/Patient Alert Pendant

The mobility pendant provides two way speech communication between colleagues. It can also be given to patients and residents to be used as a calling device where two way speech is needed. The unit is capable of acting as an audio monitor so that the wearer is reassured that they are not alone in vulnerable situations.

Key Features

  • Clear and loud voice intercom link
  • Water proof and dust protected under IP56
  • Antimicrobial protection plastic
  • 95% microbial cleansing in Isopropanol
  • High durability
  • Audio & visual indication of incoming calls
  • Alarm status
  • Out of range notification
  • Two alarm buttons
  • Front membrane glows in the dark
  • Configured through usb link via a dedicated usb charger
  • Administrator configurable vibrate option Standby time/Talk time 65hrs/4hrs
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