Nurse Call Transmitter Units

  • The EC01-11 Hand Held Call Unit is a hand held portable unit located in close proximity to the resident. Pressing the Call Button on the Unit will activate a standard call. If the answering member of staff requires further help, the Assistance button may be activated and if the situation is, or becomes serious, the Emergency button may be used.
  • The EC01-12 Multi Purpose Call Unit is identical to the EC01-11 Nurse Call Unit, except it has an output socket that allows it to be adapted to take care of the different applications required within an establishment. There is a variety of peripheral equipment available for use with this unit. The Live-Link Movement Sensor can be connected to this unit to help aid fall prevention
  • The Staff/Patient Alert Pendant with Speech Facility provides two way speech communication between colleagues. It can also be given to patients and residents to be used as a calling device where two way speech is needed. your social media marketing partner

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