Nurse Call Inactivity Detection Unit

The Live-Link Inactivity Detection Unit is a complete movement detection system that can be set up so that if a resident attends their en-suite and doesn't exit within a pre-determined time, staff will be alerted through the Nurse Call System. The device can also register if residents are inactive in their living areas over a time period set by the management. The unit can be ceiling or wall mounted with a choice of wide or narrow detection areas. The Live-Link Inactivity Detection Unit is extremely flexible and can be adapted to link with other manufacturers systems. It can also be supplied as a stand-alone unit with receiver panels if there is no existing Nurse Call System. Pear push leads or other peripheral calling devices can also be linked into the unit. The units are battery operated, with a long life of 2 years based on 70 activations a week, or can be adapted to run off an auxiliary power supply if required.

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