Aiding Fall Prevention - The Live-Link Movement Sensor

The Live-Link Movement Sensor

The Live-Link Movement Sensor is an aid to fall prevention in the elderly and infirm, especially in care and nursing homes, and is one of the most progressive, up to date, portable bed sensors on the market. We are now offering the chance to trial this free of charge with no obligation for 7 days! This is the only unit of its kind with a dual purpose, which will alarm if residents or the elderly leave their beds or rooms unattended and can also be connected to a chair sensor pad or to our very robust Live-Link Steel chair/bed sensor plate which also comes with a 3 year warranty and can be trialled for 7 days. Its unique features including the foot switch mechanism are protected by International Patent Application No  PCT/GB2011/051388.

Pressure mats that act as a fall alarm mat have a short life span and need repairing regularly or if severely damaged, replaced altogether. Our Movement Sensor is robustly constructed and comes with a 3 year warranty compared to a fall alarm mat that may only last you a few months or a year at the most.

The Live-Link Movement Sensor can be linked in to the majority of nurse call systems. Nurses or carers in nursing homes will be alerted if a resident sits up in bed, gets out of their chair or leaves the room. This one piece of equipment gives staff the flexibility of one unit covering several scenarios.

This unit is of great benefit for any residents who may be at a greater risk of falling or injuring themselves e.g. the elderly, residents with poor mobility, suffering from dementia or confusion, recovering following an operation or suffering from the side-effects of prescribed drugs.

To improve the care and safety of the residents in your nursing home by purchasing the Live-Link Movement Sensor to aid fall prevention, contact us on 08080 687732 FREE or for more information, download our product brochure.

To order the Live-Link Movement Sensor or to take advantage of our 7 day free trial,  please print off an order form to complete and return either by post or fax.

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