EC01-12 Nurse Call Unit

The EC01-12 Multi Purpose Unit is identical to the EC01-11 Nurse Call Unit except it has an output socket that allows it to be adapted to take care of the different applications required within an establishment. The output socket on this Multi Purpose unit enables a variety of peripheral equipment to be connected.

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Live-Link Movement Sensor

The output socket on the EC01-12 Nurse Call Unit enables the Live-Link Movement Sensor to be connected to it, so that if a resident leaves their chair, bed or room unattended your nurse call system will be alerted depending on what you have set the sensor up to monitor.

Battery Low Status

Call Unit batteries, which have a life expectancy of approx. 9 months - 3 years depending on usage and type, are automatically monitored for 'battery low'. When this occurs, a signal is sent to the Main Panel. The Call Unit number appears on this display with no sounder.In a room with more than one transmitter, i.e. a bedroom with en-suite, the reassurance light on the Call Unit will be permanently illuminated, to give easy recognition of which unit requires a new battery.

Under 'low battery' conditions, a Call Unit will still function for up to 5 days. Replacing batteries is a simple procedure; the same as that for replacing batteries in a radio.


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