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Also introducing our newest product, the Live-Link Movement sensor, to aid Fall Prevention in the elderly and infirm in care homes. Our sensor is compatible with the majority of nurse call systems on the market today. With over 20 Years experience working with Radio and Wireless Nurse call Systems, we are able to provide our customers with a top of the range system along with 24 hour support.

Some Background Information

Using the knowledge we have gained through various experiences working with fire alarms, burglar alarms and CCTV systems, Live-Link has designed a wire free nurse call system which incorporates both printing and paging. Over the years we have updated our products to meet with the ever changing environments of Nursing Homes, Residential Homes and Hospitals. We have adapted our products to meet with the needs of the Residents. By consulting with staff and residents, we are able to establish what they feel are the most important requirements of the equipment. This has contributed to the newest addition to our nurse call range, the Live-Link Movement Sensor. This unique piece of equipment can be used to monitor residents leaving their beds or their rooms and can also be linked into a chair sensor pad, making it the ideal accessory to aid the fall prevention program run for the elderly and infirm. This sensor can also be linked in to the majority of nurse call systems that are on the market today. Many of our customers are taking advantage of our 7 day free trial which allows them to see how the sensor can benefit them in monitoring a resident or elderly relative and how it can help to aid fall prevention.

We also offer our Stainless Steel Chair/Bed plate with a 7 day free trial and this works in conjunction with the Live-Link Movement Sensor. As opposed to the bed and chair pads that are currently on the market today which may only last a few months, our chair/bed plate also comes with a 3 year warranty. Replaceable covers for the chair/bed plate can be purchased from us so that hygienic standards can be maintained.

Product Information

At the top of the SEEK-AID price range we have the EC01-51 Desktop Nurse Call Panel, which can support the Dect Telephone/Pager system or just paging. This panel can also be linked into the homes computer system to enable logging of all calls. This means you can monitor the kinds of calls made and how quickly staff respond to those calls.

The EC01-31 Large Nurse Call Display Panel can be attached to the wall with a bracket, and the large displayed numbers make it ideal for viewing at a distance. We recommend that this be used in the corridors or long hallways of your nursing or care home. This panel also has the ability to have a battery backup facility should the homes mains power supply fail.

For smaller homes we have the economical EC01-21 Nurse Call Control Panel. This can be sat on a desk at the nurses station or inside the managers office without taking up too much room.

All panels require a 240v power supply.

Our EC01-12 Nurse Call Unit can be used either as a standalone unit or have a number of different peripheral equipment attached to it to fit every scenario. This nurse call unit can have a pear push lead connected for use in bedrooms, a pull cord for use in bathrooms and en-suites and can be used on fire doors with a key switch override or keypad override. This unit requires 4 x AA batteries. Click here to view the various peripheral equipment that can be connected to the EC01-12 nurse call unit.

Our EC01-11 Nurse Call Unit is the hand held version of EC01-12. It has a call button, an assistance button and an emergency button so that a different alert can be sent to the nurse call panel depending on the seriousness of the situation. This nurse call unit  requires 4 x AA batteries.

The EC01-12 nurse call unit can also be connected to the newest addition to our range, the Live-Link Movement Sensor designed to assist with fall prevention in the elderly and infirm by sending out an alert to the nurse call system if a resident or an elderly relative leaves their bed or room unattended. A chair sensor pad, or our Stainless Steel Chair/Bed plate, can be connected to the Sensor in order to monitor a resident or patient leaving their seat unattended. Our sensor has proved extremely popular with nursing homes and care groups throughout the United Kingdom and is praised for its discreetness, robustness and the 3 year warranty that comes with every sensor (excluding liquid damage).

You can read how our customers feel about the service they receive from Live-Link for both the nurse call system and the Live-Link Movement Sensor.

Aid Fall Prevention with the Live-Link Movement Sensor

Order The Live-Link Movement Sensor to aid Fall Prevention and our Stainless Steel Chair/Bed plate and replace your fall mat alarms today.

You can also choose to take advantage of our 7 Day Free Trial for both of these aids to fall prevention. This will allow you to see the Live-Link Movement sensor and Stainless Steel chair/bed plate in a working environment, and assess how well it can benefit your nursing home, residential home or hospital.

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